Since its inaugural flight in 1947, Burke Lakefront Airport has become a cornerstone of Northeast Ohio’s transportation system and continues to maintain its tremendous potential as an economic engine for the City of Cleveland.


In order to further simulate Burke’s growth and vitality, the airport has developed an improvement plan. Over the next five years, the airport will:

Increase main runway capacity and safety to:

  • Comply with all current FAA regulations
  • Allow safe usage for larger aircraft
  • Attract and accommodate larger charter services and jets
  • Increase door-to-door cargo delivery business opportunities

Increase hangar capacity to:

  • Meet demand for corporate and general/recreational aviation services
  • Continue to meet the aviation needs of sports teams
  • Accommodate Cleveland Clinic’s significantly increased usage
  • Improve Burke’s competitive position in the region
  • Attract one or more Burke-based fractional jet companies

Increase paved apron space to:

  • Accommodate more general aviation and transient aircraft tie downs
  • Improve maneuverability, safety and ability to accommodate greater activity

Modernize the terminal building to:

  • Make Burke more inviting, comfortable and business friendly
  • Attract additional tenants
  • Increase revenue
  • Bring much needed foot traffic, energy and vitality

Other long-term improvements include:

  • Further expand the runway capacity to add a parallel secondary runway
  • Creating a multi-modal port that consolidates air, water and rail operations